Know where they are at the moment!

GPS Location Tracking

No more guessing where your kids are! No more sleepless nights and calling their friends in the dead of night! Check your kids' real time location whenever you need remotely. Even when GPS is unavailable!

Know who they talk to and what they talk about!

Call Logs, Call Blocking, Call Recording, Surroundings Recording

Go further in supervising your kids. Use our parental control app to check calls and restrict contacts from calling. Record calls & phone surroundings if needed.

Know what they write about!

Instant Messages, SMS and Email

Do your kids text a lot? Read their messages sent/received via WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Skype, and even Viber. Check Emails and text messages.

Track what they browse

Browser History & Site Blocking

Kids might be browsing anything on their phones, from innocent resources to porn websites. Check it with our parental control software and block the websites you don't approve of.

Find out about their plans

Access to Contacts and Calendar

Kids are influenced by people they choose to surround themselves with. Look through their Phone Book and Calendar. Learn about their plans, scheduled meetings, and more.

Spy on their photos and videos

Access to Photos & Videos

Can you trust your teens? Do they share harmful multimedia content? This parental control software lets you check each photo and video stored on your kids' phones.

Control Your Kids

Control over Apps and Programs

Do they play Temple Run or Angry Birds for hours? No reaction to your telling-off? Use mSpy to block these apps. Check what other apps they have installed on their phones.

Control The Target Device Remotely

Remote Device Wipe

Make sure your kid's phone data is protected at all times and minimize the risk of identity theft. Erase the phone data remotely.

SIM Change Notification

Do they use multiple SIM cards? Find it out. Get notified about each SIM card swap on your teen's phone.

Remote Device Lock

Kids often misplace and even lose their mobile devices. Help them protect their personal data. Password-protect your teen's smartphone remotely.