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Keeping Your Children Safe When They're Online

PC Tattletale gives parents an 'all in one' Internet monitoring and parental control solution that let's parents monitor all of their children's on and offline computer activity. Now world renowned as one of the most effective Internet monitoring a parental control software programs, PC Tattletale continues to deliver the on it's promise to parents to provide outstanding software, ease of use and powerful monitoring features.


As an all in one Internet monitoring software utility, PC Tattletale let's parents select from over 7 different monitoring tools, all built into one easy-to-use software interface. PC Tattletale records any & all software programs run, web sites visited and does not interfere with normal browsing & won't slow down your PC like so many other monitoring software programs. 2 High resolution screen captures features simple 'VCR style' playback of all recorded material. PC Tattletale's 'built-in scheduler' makes it easy to invisibly monitor your child when you're not home, and its secret password system ensures that only you can access the PC Tattletale control panel. PC Tattletale even 'unloads' itself from memory automatically when it's not running and it uses less system resources then Windows Instant Messenger.

PC Tattletale is an all-in-one suite of Parental Controls & Internet Monitoring tools:

Our special 'Stealth Technology' -- Once installed PC Tattletale will not appear in the Windows Start Menu, Desktop, Task Manager, Program Files Folders, or even the Add/Remove programs menu - PC Tattletale is TOTALLY invisible to the user.

PC Tattletale Powerful Chat Recorder - Records all chat sessions & Instant messages - Captures both sides ANY Chat conversation or Instant Message, including: AOL Chat Rooms and Instant Messenger, AOL Triton ICQ Chats, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Trillain chat and even! It features easy to read color coding for each 'Chat Personality' recorded, and even records up to 20 different chat sessions simultaneously.

Screen Shots Captures - PC Tattletale's 'VCR like controls & playback' makes it as simple as clicking the 'PLAY' button to watch EVERYTHING your child did when they were online! PC Tattletale even separates the screen captures by user and date. This means you can focus only on the child you want to watch. You save time by zeroing in on suspicious activity. And, with PC Tattletale's special 'cache purge' technology you never have to worry about slowing down your PC because captured screen shots and log files won't overfill your hard-drive! Works with Internet Explorer and FireFox too!

PC Tattletale's Advanced Keystroke Logger - Records all keystrokes including passwords, 'hidden characters' and true keystrokes too - including MySpace.Com and FaceBook.Com account passwords.

Email Monitoring - PC Tattletale captures both in AND outbound mail, records Outlook & Outlook Express, AOL Email, Eudora, SMTP/POP3 Email, MS Exchange Email, Hotmail, Yahoo Email, MSN System Email and Google GMail. PC Tattletale can even send you copies of your child's emails in REAL TIME so you'll know what's going on even if you're at the office!

URL Specific Web Filtering & keyword blocking -- Specify any web site that you want blocked. If your child tries to go to a web site that contains that keyword, PC Tattletale displays a "404 Page not found error," leaving them wondering why they can't get into blocked site.

Web Site Recording - PC Tattletale solves the problem of helping you stay on top of what your child does when you're not there to watch over their shoulder. It gives you the tools to invisibly monitor your child and help keep them safe on the Internet.

Program Used Recording - PC Tattletale captures the name of each program the user used, when that program was started and how long the program was active.

PC Tattletale helps protect you and your children when they're online:

The bottom line is that no matter how much you trust your child to do the right thing, there are just too many peer pressures and other dangers lurking in cyberspace for you to give them unsupervised access to the net.

Do NOT risk your child becoming a potential victim. Allowing them use the Internet unsupervised, is just asking for trouble, and that's why you need parental control software like PC Tattletale.

Take control of your child's online experiences and keep them safe right now.


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2- Licenses $49.95

Your purchase of one (1) PC Tattletale registration key lets you
use the software on TWO computers at NO extra charge!

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